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Pre employment checks

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Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that they take reasonable steps to avoid harm to the organisation and its existing employees, volunteers and clients. As an employee you may be asked to sign an agreement which states you agree to the policies and procedures of the organisation, including having some checks completed before you start a job.


Common pre employment checks you may be required to undertake include:

Police Check | Working With Children Check (WWCC) | Reference Checks | NDIS Worker Check 

national Police Check

National Police Checks are a mandatory requirement for most jobs as employees may have access to money, equipment, data or confidential information.

A National Police Check will uncover any previous criminal convictions but as per Anti-discrimination laws an applicant must not be refused because they have a prior conviction for an offence that has no relevance to the position.

A National Police Check is undertaken online and results are usually available within in hour following digital verification of identity. Checks conducted through the NSW Police Force Community Portal cost approximately $50. Some employers will re-imburse you for this cost, however others will expect you to cover that cost yourself.

Working With Children Check

A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone who works or volunteers in child-related work (supporting people under the age of 18) in NSW.


It involves a National Police Check (checking your criminal history) and a review of reportable workplace misconduct. If cleared, the working with children check will be valid for 5 years, however applicants are continuously monitored. Paid workers will pay a fee of $80 for a new WWCC. For volunteers, the Check is free.

Reference checks

Reference checks are carried out to gain an insight into your skills, attributes and abilities to do the job you have applied for. Reference checks also enable your new employer to confirm the details of any previous employment. 

Employers will typically ask for up to three referees and must ask for your permission before getting in touch with them.

It's important to nominate people you can trust to give credible information and vouch for you. Referees may include your current and/or previous employers, schools, colleges and colleagues.

NDIS Worker check (NDISWC)

Workers in risk assessed roles employed by registered providers need to have an NDIS worker screening clearance (or an acceptable check). It is the responsibility of registered providers to determine which roles in their organisation are risk assessed roles.

This means workers:

  • That have more than incidental contact with NDIS participants, or

  • That are key personnel, or

  • Involved in the direct delivery of specified services or supports.

In NSW, workers may need an NDISWC and a WWCC depending on the role (they are separate checks).

You should check with your employer if they require you to undertake a separate criminal history check as this will vary from workplace to workplace.

The application fee for the NDISWC is $80, or free for volunteers.

Police Check
Working with Children Check
NDIS Worker Check
Reference checks
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